Hello there!

I have seen the seasons of life come, go and change. I have held a photograph in my hand and felt the value of that moment preserved. That smile of a loved one who has been lost. The tiny toes that are now leaving leaving for school. The feeling of your baby growing inside you. These moments are fleeting, they make up our lives and it is my job to preserve them.

In high school they offered a photography class, but it would have interfered with all my science classes. “You can’t actually work as a photographer anyways”, so I didn’t bother. I took all my science class, went to University. Graduated with a Bachelor’s of Health Science. After that I started working for the Smiths Fall and Merrickville Community Health Centre as a recent graduate intern. Once that contract was finished I began working what I thought was my dream job. Community Development Coordinator for Canadian Blood Services. In late 2010 I was encouraged to purchase my first DSLR camera. It was not long before I realized that was my calling. I started my photography business in the summer of 2011, SBurritt Photography Canada.

After the 2013 birth of my daughter, Violet, I could not bare the thought of leaving her with a sitter and being away from her all day. I decided then I would stay home and build my business. And grow it certainly has! As did my team, in 2017 I welcome my son Jack. He is tornado of love! Then in September 2021, another daughter, Luna, became the newest member to the crew. My business has evolved, changed, grown and is now the Serreh Elizabeth Photography you see today. 

My name is Serreh (pronounced Sarah, I know spelled crazy). I have always had a fascination with photography. Ever since I was a small child with a neon pink little point and shoot camera and a cousin who was always willing to “model”. So many dress up dresses and sitting in tree pictures. Makes for great memories now that we aren’t 8 years old!